Belief and Commitment is what we're after


With the Alba Challenge Cup Final now just 11 days away, Kenny Brannigan has been drumming into his players that `belief in themselves` is what he`s after.

Says the manager, `On the back of our dressing-room doors we have big signs that reads, `BELIEVE` and that`s what we want for this Cup Final. Confidence is a major factor when it comes to big games and I want our lads to go out there and show that they`re `up for it`.

"The atmosphere is electric at the moment! They all want to play in the final and that`s good!

"But we`re not going out there `like lambs to the slaughter`. Most of the lads have already featured in Cup Finals and, apart from the youngsters, I can only think of four who haven`t had the experience.

"We`re coming off the back of three great results and we`ve already played our cup final opponents Ross County twice this season. We beat them 3-0 at Palmerston and drew 1-1 at Dingwall, so confidence is high. But we`ll be taking nothing for granted!

"Rocco Quinn is the only player we have on the injured list at present and I hope it stays that way.

"Despite the weather we`ve had `double sessions` at training this week and everyone is working extremely hard.

"We have a `bounce` game, among ourselves, lined up for Friday night at Palmerston. 7.30 pm all being well, and I want every player to get a `run-out`.

"It`s only a couple of quid admission and a pound for youngsters, and the players will be available to sign autographs.

"So get yourselves along and help create some atmosphere. We want to get all our fans behind us for next Sunday!"

Although Kenny`s been in the game for many years he insists his most nostagic moment was his involvement in the UEFA Cup in Denmark and claims it`s an experience he`ll never forget.