Live Updates

25/09/2022 08:47:43
KO : 19:45 v
FC Edinburgh
Full Time Apologies for the lack of updates tonight, due to unforseen circumstances. The game finished 4-0 which sees us through to the next round
Pre-match Queens subs: 13.Fox 3.Quitongo 6.Cochrane 9.Reilly 10.Connelly 15.McGrory 22.Bange 27.Gibson 33.Gibson
Pre-match Queens starting lineup: 1.Currie 2.McKay 4.Wilson 5.McKay 7.Paton 8.Todd (C) 11.Murray 12.McKenna 16.East 17.Hendrie 19.Ruth
Pre-match FC Edinburgh subs: 31.Mutch 2.Macdonald 5.Mair 11.Robertson 13.Jacobs 25.Boyle 33.Docherty
Pre-match FC Edinburgh starting lineup: 1.Ramsbottom 3.McIntyre (C) 4.Hamilton 7.Shanley 9.See 10.Handling 17.Fontaine 22.Brian 23.Murray 28.Craigen 30.Crane