In brief: Lee Westwood, Sir Alex Ferguson

Lee Westwood:

On his twitter page on October 23rd Lee Westwood, a well documented fan of Nottingham Forest, was asked who is his team in Scotland. Westwood replied with, “Q of the S”. Westwood is of course married to the sister of QoS fan and fellow pro golfer, Andrew Coltart. Nice work the Coltart’s in spreading the gospel of Doonhamerism.


Sir Alex Ferguson:

Having been reminded by a QoS fan now living in Perthshire, numerous elements of the media ranging from Sky Sports to the The Scotsman have been pointing out that despite his comments of last weekend, Sir Alex’s 6-1 defeat at the hands of Manchester City wasn’t the highest defeat in the great man’s football career. At least once during his career Sir Alex has been on the end of a higher scoring defeat. On Boxing Day in 1959 Sir Alex played and scored for Queens Park at Palmerston Park. However Queens cracked in seven that day with four goals being scored by Ivor Broadis. The other Queens scorers were Bobby Black and Percy Dunlop.

Sir Alex has been kind enough to previously give an exclusive on his recollection of the game in question. With somewhat impressive generosity for someone who has achieved so much, Sir Alex commented on the Queens team warmly with unsurprisingly Broadis in particular coming in for praise. Details of Sir Alex’s comments are in the profile of Broadis.