20-21 Kit Designs Revealed

As a result of COVID 19 everything has taken a different course in recent times. So to give our fans a little bit of a football fix we are releasing the design of our proposed kit for next season. The home top has taken more of a retro feel with a collar being the prominent feature on the top. the design sticks to our royal blue tradition and offers a classic feel. The home top features specks on the arm to give the design a modern take on a classic feel. The water mark is a feature on the back of the shirt embedding the current badge into the background. As well as this the inside of the shirt will feature an image of the Scottish cup team of 2008. 

The away top brings us back to the colour of yellow, a fans favourite, the top features darker shades throughout to build a pattern and design into the shirt. Both home and away will feature 1919 embedded on the back of the shirt and the 2008 team will feature on the away top also.

Due to the current predicament we must stress that we have no date for the retail of these tops as they are proposed kits and we will not be taking orders for them at this time. These are only designs and have no time scale.